Delhi Escorts

Hi. I am Garima, a 27-year-old married woman working as an Escort in Delhi. Being a mature housewife, I have experience with what takes place in the privacy of a hotel room where a Delhi escort stays with her client for a long time. I can tell you the absolute truth about these beautiful women and their lives. Some people believe Delhi Escorts are nothing but glorified prostitutes whereas others say that these women provide excellent romantic company to their clients. The truth lies somewhere in between the two extremes.

Delhi escorts are not sex machines

No matter what our critics say, you must understand that we are not sex workers like ordinary prostitutes. If sex is the only thing needed by clients, why would they pay such a hefty amount of money to Delhi escorts when they can satisfy their hunger with a sex worker? These gorgeous women have a decent upbringing and they take care of all the bodily and emotional needs of their customers. Yes, these college girls and married women are good in bed but sex is only one aspect of a client-escort relationship.

Delhi Escorts

Unlike sex workers, escorts engage in lovemaking because they enjoy partying with men. They are not looking at their watches to see when this ordeal ends. They do not fake their orgasms like sex workers to make their clients happy. Delhi escorts actually enjoy the act of lovemaking with their customers. 

Escorts in Delhi make you feel comfortable and relaxed

Companionship is the most basic ingredient in any client-escort relationship. I enjoy my time with all my customers, whether they are young brats or middle-aged businessmen. I know that these men are looking forward to enjoying their time with a beautiful woman. They want to escape their daily grind and feel comfortable and relaxed in the arms of a gorgeous woman.

I know what to do and how to behave to make them happy and fresh. Physical intimacy comes naturally in my relationships with all my clients. I treat my men as royalty and pamper them by fulfilling all their desires. My customers say they feel they are with an angel in heaven when they are with me. This is the true essence of the way a Delhi Escort makes her clients feel in her company. 

Special services offered by Delhi escorts

Most clients crave heavenly pleasures from their Escorts in Delhi. They are justified in expecting these pleasures as they pay a premium for the company of the woman they find most seductive. I know that I am getting paid for my time and try to make sure that my clients get the fulfillment of all their sexual fantasies.

Sexual pleasures like oral sex, position 69, tit-fuck, and anal sex are some of the special services offered by Delhi escorts. If you are desperate for any of these services, you can select the woman who mentions these services in her profile on the website of the escort agency.  We treat these acts as simple pleasures of life to be distributed freely to our clients. 

By Roshni