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I am Rashmi, a 27-year-old married woman working as a Delhi Escort I live happily with my husband and kids in an apartment in a posh locality in Delhi. How I became an escort is a very interesting story. However, I would like to reveal the secret weapon that I use on my customers to make them happy and satisfied. It is nothing else but a full-body massage that brings heavenly pleasure to my clients, and they start to moan with pleasure as I use my hands and curves all over their bodies. 

I was a trained beautician before becoming a Delhi escorts

I worked in a beauty salon where my job was to bring comfort and relaxation to my customers by giving them a body massage. Though they were ladies, my clients said that my body massage was magical and made them feel light and very relaxed. After my marriage, I used my skills as a masseur on my husband. I added an erotic touch to my massage by using my big ass and breasts in addition to my hands. I have perfected the techniques of this erotic body massage after becoming a Delhi escort. 

From a beautician to a glamorous Delhi escort

It was in 2019 after the outbreak of Corona Virus that I lost my job in the salon where I was working. It became difficult to manage the expenses of my household with my husband’s salary. It was then that one of my friends suggested I should take up the job of a Delhi Escort Girl to support my family financially. I thought that it would be difficult for me as a housewife to become a popular escort. Today, I am one of the most sought-after escorts in Delhi. I did not realize then that a vast majority of men crave the romantic company of beautiful and curvy women. 

I get rid of clients’ tiredness as a Delhi Escorts girls

As an escort, my primary duty is to make sure that my client becomes relaxed and fresh. Most of my customers are tired after a flight or time on a train. They don’t say it in words but I can sense their tiredness in their behavior and body movements. I use my secret weapon on these men to bring relaxation to them. They become excited as soon as I ask them if they would like to receive a body massage from me. I undress the client and

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By Roshni